Argon Zark! Dead-tree Edition
The book!
The book contains the first complete Argon Zark! story (pages 1-49), along with several pieces of additional art, all printed in glorious high-resolution ZarkColor. Many of the pages have new backgrounds that take advantage of things I can do in print that aren't practical on the Web.

Book pages 35 and 36

There is also a chapter on how I create a typical Argon Zark! page. I describe how I draw the comic directly on the computer in Painter and Photoshop, composite 3-D images made in Bryce, render the color and use filters for some of the special effects.

Book pages 53 and 54

The book is a 9x6" perfect-bound trade paperback with 64 full-color pages and sells for $6.95.

Here's how you can buy it locally, or order it direct.

The Deluxe, Portable, Cordless Argon Zark! Souvenir Dead-tree Edition is guaranteed not to fade your car's finish or leave greasy spots on your dishes. One size fits all.

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