Smokey The Duck

This is a 10-page black and white comic that was part of an unpublished underground comic some friends and I created a long (long) time ago.

Smokey The Duck

No, I didn't get the idea from Howard the Duck. I realize it's a cigar-smoking duck with "The Duck" in his name, but this was done over a year before the first appearance of Howard (and over two years before I first became aware of him).

Also, dispite the two similarities, Smokey was very different in concept and execution from Howard. He was definitely not stuck in "reality", he was obviously modeled more on Daffy than Donald, and I'm quite certain his brand of cigar was very different from Howard's.

No, they didn't get the idea from me either. Smokey never saw print, and was only seen at the time by a handful of my friends and a few editors at undreground comix companies.

You get to read it now, though, in all it's primitive splendor. You can see some visual tendencies on my part that would later mature and bloom in Argon Zark!

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