Cancelbots of Doom! Galled by Geeks?

Hassled by hackers?

Are they sticking their noses in your server?
Their fingers in your files?
Have they invaded your corporate space?
Have they seen your private records?

Now you can track them down like the vermin they are!

Bite back with big bots!

Presenting the new line of geek-seeking cancelbots from Nastysoft!

Track 'em back to where they live and wipe them out!

And best of all, you don't have to hire your own geeks to do it for you! (You know they'd be laughing behind your back!) We've done that for you!

Just install on your corporate server and run! You'll feel much better when you've established dominance over those who challenge you! You always do.

Another soothing solution from Nastysoft.