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I've been looking a little deeper into the phenomenon of tunneling, both quantum and network, in an attempt to figure out exactly how I managed to get Personal Transport Protocol to trans-substantiate our physical forms into this curiously complex system of jumbled together bitstreams that passes for the Internet. Admittedly, I'm still a little shaky on the theory, even though I got it to work through some combination of luck and cognitive processes that are still out of the reach of my conscious brain. In retrospect, it seems like the chances of consciously working that out were on the order of 106 against.
Which, along with other recent.. um, events, reminds me to flip on the heads-up display and do a little investigative surfing into emotional brain chemistry and, uh... the Zeta function.
Pretty shifty
Noticing a shift in the structure of Cyberspace. Hard to tell if it's statistically provable, but it seems that commercial interests have co-opted the Web in a way that's analogous to the infestation of a healty tree by creeper vines to the extent that the original tree all but dies off and is only left extant as a platform to support the vines themselves. But then, that's just my cheery, good-natured pollyannaish take on the matter. Could be random fluctuations in the alignment of multi-dimensional gridspace. or it might just be the result of bad pepperoni, sausage, hamburger, mushroom, chicken, pepper and lo-mein pizza topped with M&M's and washed down with a little too much HyperJag Expresso Cola at three in the morning.
Sometimes it seems like events both in and out of Cyberspace/Dirtspace are as random as the patterns my LithoFabric Pattern Generator projects on my vest, which reminds me to continue looking into the relationship between perceived visual patterns, eidetic imagery as expressed by Max Ernst, and the concept of matter as simply organized patterns of energy or even mathematical expressions written in the fabric of gravity. I have come to the conclusion, though, that in any and all perceptual modes, emotional or visual, color matters.
Nyetscape 4
Once upon a time, back in the last century, the good folks at Netscape were making the Best Web Browser in the World. They were busy working on a new version, version 4, when suddenly a Martian Vacuum Ray sucked out their brains and replaced them with rancid peanut butter. This is why Netscape 4 makes valid, standards-compliant web pages look like moldy broccoli, gives you a Bad User Experience when surfing the Web and makes your computer smell like the stuff between your toes.
In general, Netscape 4 is a Bad Stinky Browser and you shouldn't use it. The good folks at Netscape have long since recovered their sanity and are once again making Fine Browsers. You should go to their site and download a shiny new one. Netscape 6 and above renders standards compliant web pages just fine, gives you a Good User Experience and makes your teeth whiter in just seen days. Even better, download a current build of Mozilla or one if its variants like Camino (Mac) or Firebird (Windows), and join the community of testers who are helping to make the new Best Web Browser in the World.
- Argon
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