Jurassic Zark!
OK, I admit it. I'm just have this weakness for dinosaurs, I think I was making plastic triceratops fight plastic tyrannosaurs before I had any toys with wheels.

That fascination carries over today. Most of my paying work these days is as a Web designer. I try to sneak some dinosaur related sites when I can. Here are some I designed or co-designed (links open in new window):
DINOFEST (with Sharon Miller)
The World's Fair of Dinosaurs. Held every few years in large exhibition halls in major cities. Most recently held on Chicago's Navy Pier in Winter of 2000-2001.
Walters & Kissinger's dinoart.com
(lead designer: Sharon Miller)
A full-service dinosaur art studio. All of these sites feature art by Robert F. Walters, who does some of the most amazing dinosaur art you're ever likely to see. Great stuff!
Also, if you haven't come across them yet, here are some of my own dinosaur cartoons at DinosaurCartoons.com. Dinotoons!

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