# WARNING! # All  of the links from the preceeding page have been corrupted by BadnastyJumpJump, and now, so has your computer!

Your computer has been reprogrammed to generate high-voltage gamma radiation, synthesize neurotoxins and replicate droolpox bacteria.

Any attempt to write an email message to your Uncle Ernie will wipe out all members of the human race that you find sexually attractive.

Trying to save a file will generate 4000 clones of Newt Gingrich who will move in next door and give you constant lectures about family values.

One touch of the spacebar and a giant fungus that looks just like your worst enemy from high school will take up residence in your bathroom and whistle the theme music from "The X-Files" every time you come in for an aspirin.

Don't even ask what will happen if you try "Undo"!

Fortunately, you have four options:

Now  don't you wish you hadn't put off backing up all that stuff you were going to get to tomorrow?